I have had the pleasure and honour of being a client of Karen's for A YEAR now and the transformation I have made in my own journey from what was to what is now is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! 

Not only does she call you on your BS, she helps you create such awareness of the shit that needs to be released in order to heal, unleashing you into a world of infinite possibilities and living your life to your fullest potential. 

As I like to say “pay for your healing now OR pay for your suffering later”.

Let me tell you from experience.. medications aren’t cheap and since working with Karen I personally went from being someone who took 40+ prescription medications a day to now only taking a couple of all natural medicine tablets and as someone who lived with such debilitating pain that getting out of bed was actually impossible, to now be thriving in life. 

Karen is worth absolutely every cent if you are WILLING to commit to YOURSELF 110% and do the self healing work that needs to be done. 

Karen is a god damn CHANGE MAKER. 




  Karen is amazing! Such a beautiful, warm, generous and loving soul. Such an awesome session again tonight! I was so grateful for the incredible connection last time. Seems to have made a real difference, releasing the things that were holding me back and allowing so much more into my life. The intuitiveness and energy has to be experienced to be believed. I am so glad that I have found Karen. Highly recommend these services <3 



   Karen...well I'm not sure that words will do justice or fully capture the magnitude of this womans majik! Where do I even begin?! Put it this way, if you want change, real CHANGE in your life, then this is your healer. Growing up in a house with a Mumma for a healer, I've been exposed to it all.....reiki, medical intuitive, hypnosis, whatever it is, I've had it! So when I first heard about Karen (her reputation alone has you grabbing for your phone to make an appointment), I was somewhat reserved. This was because I was at a point in my journey where nothing was really having an impact. I worked on myself nearly every week, but I was only scraping the surface. *cue Karen's appointment...Karen has the uncanny ability to relate to you on ALL of your levels, and trust me, you have hundreds. She grabs all of your SHIT from the deepest parts of your SOUL and brings it up for you to heal. If you think you've ever had a healing....well honey, you ain't had Karen. She practices what is known as Forensic Healing, which is basically Theta Healing on STEROIDS! I have since had multiple appointments with Karen and I truly believe she is just an ANGEL. So if you are DONE WITH YOUR OLD PARADIGMS, YOUR OLD PATTERNS, YOUR OLD SHIT, its time to get serious, and get Karen. She truly is so beautiful and genuine and there's really no one else I would ever go to now I've found her. So good luck getting an appointment, because I've taken them all :) Seriously though, I just LOVE her!   



   I have had 3 forensic healing sessions with Karen. The most recent was beyond measure the most powerful. It revealed past life trauma including promises and curses made to two close people in my life. Karen uncovered some of the major causes of what had been holding me back from stepping into my truth. Our session helped me to reclaim my personal power. I had so much darkness inside which I knew do not stem from this lifetime. Karen creates a safe space filled with unconditional love. She is dedicated to her craft of healing and helping others. Her spirit is infectious and her heart is undeniably huge. I thank you dear Karen for helping me release a lot of the darkness that was deep within my soul.



   I ALWAYS feel so good and right in my world after my sessions with Karen. Today was no different in that respect. Karen is the most patient, true loving practitioner and she is a highly intuitive being who has the ability to 'retrieve' my blocked memories and witness them herself. Together, we are piecing together the missing years of my memory (6 years worth) and I couldn't be more grateful. Karen is relentless in her pursuit of truth and her attention to detail is precise and 100% each and every time. She has an extraordinary gift that is perfectly suited and supported by the Forensic Framework




Karen is just amazing at what she does. She not only has the ability to read people, their past, present and future but she has the most amazing superpower of being able to heal. I have been privileged enough to have had both. Many years ago I contacted Karen and asked for a reading which till this day still gives me chills because everything was literally spot on and as for the things yet to come, it’s given the strength to hold onto hope and to keep fighting for I am still alive for a purpose. Today I was blessed by this beautiful woman’s powerful ability to heal. Her healings give such an insight right into your body and soul. You can literally feel the energy running through your body and all blockages slowly being removed. If you are at a point in your life where you feel stuck, are in a vicious cycle that your struggling to get yourself out of, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a healing done by Karen. It could take one session, it could take a couple to be completely healed but from the very first healing you can literally feel the difference. I am forever grateful to have been blessed with coming into contact with this beautiful soul.  Karen is highly POWERFUL and MAGICAL. The transformation of myself and my life in only a few months has been REMARKABLE.  I honestly am forever grateful to her and would HIGHLY recommend Karen to anyone seeking a spiritual healer. 




I highly recommend Karen. She came to me when I was at my lowest. Her guidance & support when I thought all was lost & felt like giving up. She is the reason my life turned around. I’m a stronger person now & in a better place. Thank you Karen bless your kind hearted soul.



 Karen is brilliant. She hones in on your stuff and just has a way of knowing what your soul needs and requires. Karen's intuition and psychic abilities are off the chart and she is a gentle soul who understands human behaviour without judgement, which is a refreshing change. Thanks Karen Stevens for being you and the brilliant "GIFT" you are to this world. 



 5 stars
Karen's beautiful nurturing, compassionate and professional approach to healing is simply amazing! I've had absolutely amazing results and can highly recommend healing with Karen xxx ❤ 



I’m going good. I’ve lost 2.6kgs in a week 😍 I’m drinking 3 litres of water each day I have more energy and aren’t snacking and craving junk.

I feeling amazing!!
I don’t even have any doubts that I can do it.

I’ve never felt like this before. I’m so excited xx I can’t believe the change so far!