WHY I know I can help you too


I have healed, transformed and upgraded my own life from a childhood full of family violence, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, repetitive domestic violence relationships, a broken marriage, financial abuse, bankruptcy, severe bullying, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic pain and auto-immune disorders,  low self-worth and so much pain, shame & guilt that some days I just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up.

These experiences led me on the path to discovery and to awakening my true souls calling.

I empower women by healing their trapped trauma, reprogramming their DNA to change generational patterns so they not only experience transformation, but so does their entire generational line. 


I am a multi award winning Healer, Mentor, Speaker, Changemaker and No.1 Bestselling Author.


I have been profiled in Australia's leading magazine for the thinking woman - YMag as one of the 8 Female Changemakers of 2019 and again as a Yise One in the October 2019 edition. 


I featured as an author in the book: Changemakers - 20 Transformational Stories from women making an impact in the lives of others 


I am now authoring my own book due out June 2020. 




Miracles, magic and being limitless are my 3 essential ingredients. 

My intent is for you to experience transformation, empowerment & change in your life, so that you too believe & embrace those 3 essentials.


I am incredibly passionate about setting you free, just as I have been able to do for myself. 


There is nothing greater than feeling confident, courageous and connected with unshakeable self-love and worth; being able to break the patterns and cycles of abuse and absolutely setting your soul on fire to be able to experience life on a whole new level of awareness with inspiration & excitement for the future. 

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