The Feminine Personal Power 

to Embrace Your Greatness




If you’re over living in fear, stress, burn out, pain, toxicity and confusion around your life, your relationships and your future, then take a deep breath, your spirit has led you 

here with purpose. 

Hi beautiful, 

My name is Karen and it is my passion and my purpose to ensure you break free from this invisible prison you have found yourself in, healing your invisible wounds and igniting your Feminine Personal Power so you may embrace your greatness and create, attract and manifest the life, the experiences and relationships you want and so truly deserve. 

I’m a powerful Forensic Healing Practitioner, Energy Healer, Psychic Intuitive and Growth Mindset Mentor and I work with the powerful healing energies of Divine Loving Source and an amazing Spiritual Team including Enlightened Beings & Guardians, Archangels & Ascended Masters. 

Together, with your higher self, we make a potent team, dedicated to your healing to assist you to shift from living in fear, pain and confusion into the higher vibrations of Divine Love – where you are in your fullest power to manifest, create and attract the life experiences you desire. 

I have been mentoring, healing and serving women around the world for the past 20 years, in person and online. 

I have lived a lifetime of trauma, chronic disease, shame, guilt, abuse and fear and I have learned how to heal and transform this toxicity and conditioning and reclaim my truth and live, create, manifest and attract the life I want embracing my Feminine Personal Power and own my GREATNESS!

I now live my passion and step up to teach other women how to make the power shift and guide them to an elevating, life-changing, impactful change so they can live the 

life their heart desires.